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Green Fire Extinguished [entries|friends|calendar]

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A month in... [02 Oct 2005|06:12pm]
Sunday=homework. Well, I saw Serenity on Friday at the Paramount with Meghan (all the fans were filling the theatre) and it was FUCKING AWESOME!!! Seriously the best movie of the year so far along with Batman...of course the best films of the year (ie. Harry Potter, Narnia, Rent, Brokeback Mountain, Memoirs of a Geisha) are still to come, but still! I came out thinking, OMG, this is a CLASSIC! I also saw Corpse Bride the day before, which I liked, but I'm not sure I loved it. A lot of people said the same thing around here, but I bought Nightmare and watched that again and realized what was missing in Corpse Bride (I can't describe it, but there's just somehting about Nightmare...) but I did enjoy seeing it.

I'm shooting my very first film (film film, not video) on Tuesday, with my movie friend Drew. It's black and white, silent and static camera. Right down to the basics.

I'm seeing Les Mis at the end of the month and things are generally cool in T.O.!
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Living in the big T dot [01 Sep 2005|06:49pm]
I have now lived in Toronto for a week and I am loving it. From where I am, you can do anything, go anywhere! It's pretty sweet, and frosh week is like living a party. We've had drinking parties for the last three nights and tonight we have a pub night and then a toga party. The LCBO is a five minute walk and we have runners every night. From my window I can see the CN tower. It's like freedom. It is freedom. Meghan and I are having an awesome time and we have only started to explore the delights of Toronto (like the three story HMV that has everything that you have ever wanted. Anywho, I just wish this could continue without school.
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Must see it...AGAIN! [03 Jun 2003|12:57pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Ok, I think some people are going with me to Finding Nemo on Friday or Saturday. YAY! I cannot wait. I showed everyone my Ultimate-Supreme-Bestest-Superfluously-Wonderful-McDonald's Toy EVER! I forget who the character is, but it is the creepy fish dude(well, I guess fish doesn't narrow it down much)who is always trying to escape played by Willen Dafoe. It is a FUN science experiment. I wish I had it in Grade 9.

Anywho, I am now bogged down in many, many school projects. Let's see. I just finished a Trig Unit Test, I have another on Monday. I have to study for the Math exam, that can wait (Mrs. White wants us to start now, hah! what has see been smokin'?) Hmm, I have that HUGE culminating 15 minute drama presentation (it would take a week to list all the things that I have to do for that), u8mmm... I have ANOTHER huge project in Careers (we just finished our Portfolio's and we thought we were done) and we have to present it next Friday, And then there's English. Well, we just finished our R&J paragraphs, and our Writing Portfolio's and now we have the Abominably-Ginormous Board Game Culminating Task which we just learned we had to write 3 paragraphs for and a poster and a presentation of Friday. ERRHRHUIRHQIRF#!@8347823! F%&$! And then there's the Term's test on the same day as our Careers presentation. Well, I guess it could be worse...or maybe it couldn't.

Anywho, I'll survive, I always do, once I was on the verge of collapse and death...ut that's another story.


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Stress aaannndd Relax, and STRESS... [29 May 2003|08:33pm]
[ mood | excited ]

So, right now I am printing off this webpage to put in my Portfolio, yes my Portfolio, oh my Portfolio. The binder that is holding it is slowly coming apart, that's how full it is. Even at the last minute I remember new things I want to put in it. And more. And more...and more.

SO this is one aspect of my stress...and then there is my other portfolio (for English) which I have to write up a couple of pages aboot. I also have my HUGE drama presentation (it's 15 minutes long) and I still have to write half of the script tonight. Oh yeah, and the only person helping me is Kelsey. But don't get me wrong, I love my group, they actually do things...THINGS! But I know that they won't do too many things so we have to do most of the dirty work. That's ok though.

Then there's the relaxation. FINDING NEMO!!!!!!!! I can't wait, I saw that good preview again. SOOO GOOD! I am really obsessed. There's gonna be so many people there tomorrow! Everyone is really pumped AND Chrisy-G (ma man!) is going to be there.

SO let's review what makes Finding Nemo so irresistable, shall we?

1. It's aboot fish
2. The main character's name is NEMO
3. It's Disney
4. It got great reviews
5. It has amazing graphics
6. It looks funny
7. It has Ellen in it
8. It's Disney
9. It takes place in Australia
10. Inkie
11. There are dolphins
12. Unibrow
13. It's Disney
14. It's Disney
15. It's Disney

That's all that matters. Anywho got to go. I can't wait. Let Nemo be with you!

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Everything is ALRIGHT [29 May 2003|12:21pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Ok, social things are sorted out, now all that remains is a weekend of homework. AHHH. Ted, mum and I are going to Kinkardin (by Sauble) and I have to do everything there or in the car. YAY!


find a happy place. Find A Happy Place! FIND A HAPPY PLACE!! (hehe Unibrow). And that's all, bye bye.

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The lesson to be learned is: Never Try [28 May 2003|12:44pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

I am so tired of trying to organize events. I know if I don't organize them, they won't happen. Then the only social gatherings we would have would be Birthday Parties, and I know we have a lot of fun at birthday parties, but everyone is too lazy to recreated the experience any other time of the year. So I step in and try to organize events that the majority of people will like. So the excuses start flying, I don't have money, my parents say I can't, I have too much homework, I'd rather abandon you and do something that IIIII want to do. I try and everyone ignores me. Plus whenever we do something, it is simple and plain: we go see a movie, sometimes go to Chapter's and then go home. More social people go have dinner, hang out at someone's house, etc. So I give up, I resign as of now (until the complaints start to arrive) as posse organizer. From now on, I will go see what ever the fu** I want to see and people can come with me, SCREW PEOPLE SKILLS (the little I'm holding on to) SCREW SOCIALITY, SCREW PUTTING MYSELF OUT FOR OTHERS, I'll just do what everyone else seems to have no trouble doing, looking after me and me only. I am getting the message that I should be conceited, self-obsorbed and self-obsessed. So there.

How does this relate. I was trying to get everyone together for ONE, ONE big movie going experience...just one...and now I learn that even that is too much for the socially impared peeps. But I also know that I can't say anything, you know, "express my feelings" to my friends like I should be able to (friends usually do that) but instead I have to keep it inside so I don't look like I'm being controlling. So do what you want, I won't say if it tears me up inside or not, that's that. Have fun. And please don't respond with a bitchy comment, I am typing this so I won't explode all this in your face, that's what LJ is for. And just a reminder, of any day, any hour, it had to be the same? AND EVERYONE "HAS NO MONEY"!?!?!? God have mercy on all your social lives.

God bless (but watch that the blessing is not a curse).

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Next year is gonna be great! [27 May 2003|12:18pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Ok, I went up to Tekla and Natalie in the hall and I asked if Shley and Adam where nervous at all. They said that they weren't bc they already knew who had won. They also didn't look miserable and actually looked kinda happy in a supressed fashion. Then I went up to Shley and I told her to wink if she had and she did and we hugged and I AM SOOOOO HAPPPPYYY! Next year is gonna be so much fun! I'm so excited.

Anywho, on Friday we're gonna have a Cross-Posse Finding Nemo Smash with everyone who can come and the only excuse not to is DEATH. That means if anyone gives an excuse from my dog has rabies all the way down to I don't wanna come is VOID and will be shunned. That means: Cat, no excuses this time besides, "I am antisocial and I hate my life," which I don't think you'd say. Even if anyone has homework, they have the whole weekend to do it seeing that there isn't anything goning on. So we're gonna hang out before and after, we may go to someone's house. I should really send out an Email. Hmmm, if I have time tonight.

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Weekend...can't sleep, no time... [23 May 2003|12:58pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

Wow, at least I have hardly any homework. Anywho it starts like this. I think Jenn, Yu-Chi, Chris, B-Champy, Shley, Nat and Co. will be accompanying me to the Matrix tonight, Jenn and I are going to try to figure out the Philosophy. (Philosophy, great song)

So that will be late bc Chi has to do Calculus and B-Champy is working (We WILL burn Wal-Mart). The bad thing about this is that the only time we can go is the 10:00 show. That means that I would be arriving home after midnight, and my Dad (I'm staying in Hell, that's my Dad's house) would not approve, they would think that my mother would not let me (which she would) and they will make me feel bad for making them stay up so late. So I'm not sure if that'll work.

RRRRHHHHH! My mum decided she was going to Montreal over the weekend for a conference and she decided I should go to my Dad's...let's just say I wasn't thrilled. So now I have to stay in Hell for a number of days. The only constilation for this all is the fact that this weekend is so busy.

So moving on, Jay's party is Saturday, I wonder if I can get my Dad to drive to that. That'll be fun...
"Dad, can you drive me somewhere?"
"*huge exasperated sigh* FINE!"
I can just hear it now. Oh, and then it get's better, I have to ask him to do the same the very next day for Aly's party. Joy. And then there's the fact that I have no money bc mum didn't leave me any.
"Dad, can I have some-no wait, can I BORROW some money?"
"Jonathan, *remember, this is said with a cold snotty, Englsh accent* I am sorry but we are very short on cash."

Well let's review: I remember when I last asked that (2 years ago). I asked if he could buy me a movie ticket (they were even cheaper than they are now) and he said...NO (surprise) then I asked him if I could have some money for a drink, ("AT THOSE PRICES!") Then he said he was tight on cash. In the next two years he:
1. Got two cats
2. Went to England...twice
3. Got engaged
4. Got married
5. Got a dog
6. Had a child
7. Bought a new home...a big one
8. Renevated the house
9. Had another child
10. Got a pool
11. Got a big screen TV
12. Got a satellite system (WE, mum and I, don't even have that and we're better off!)
13. Got a ride-on lawnmower
14. Filled my brother's playroom with mountains of toys including a mini jump-and-bounce
15. Got a top-of-the-line Pentium 4 computer complete with DVDrom, Digital camera and Laser-jet printer

Oh, and might I remind you that though I am not complaning, and I am greatful for their thought, they gave me a 20 dollar bill for my birthday. So, you can see how I'm just a little bitter. So now I have to ask him for a ride to the bank so I can withdraw my own money (which is supposed to be for University) and eventually my mum will pay me back. And then we're back to the driving matter.
"Dad, can I have a ride to the bank so I can withdraw my own money from my savings account so you don't have to dip into your 'shallow pool of cash'?"
"*audible sigh* FINE!"

And that's how you rant. *let's out a sigh* And THAT'S a journal entry. HA! Rock out!

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Matrix - SO GOOD [18 May 2003|06:44pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I am now obsessed with figuring out that movie. I am also obsessed with how cool the Twins are. At first I thought they were creepy, but by the end, I just thought they were the coolest characters, AND THEY HAVE AUSTRALIAN ACCENTS. SO COOL! So I saw that with Jenn, Cat and Jess, we all loved it I think. The only thing I didn't like about it was where they ended it. I thought they could have ended it at a better spot, but oh well, everything else was amazing, mind blowing.

Yu-Chi, Lisa, Kelsey. Jenn and I also saw X2 on Saturday. SOOOOO GOOD as well. And I learned the secret to the ending (thanks Yu-Chi!)

I am soon going to sort out the "attention problem" with one of my dearest friends with the help and support of my grade 11 friends and a couple of grade 10 friends. I think they can can it my way, but without chosing, just listen. Anywho, let's see what happens.

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I found a destroyed mouse ball! [17 Apr 2003|12:30pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

...and that's aboot as exciting as my day gets. Right now Janet and I are both typing LJ entries aboot stuff, we are in the computer lab in room 201. Anywho, I was waiting for my computer to load and I found the outside of a mouse ball. Yeah...exciting.

Mr. Forsyth has just taken over our computers. It's kinda freaky, while I was typing "anywho" all our screens changed to what he was looking at. Very creepy. He calls them "broadcasts" and everyone screams whenever he did it.

Nothing else is really happening with me. Jenn and I now have 45 games on our list. I am proud. I also think I've figured out my party and I think I'll have my invitations out by monday.

My mum (persuaded by Ted) to go away up north (to one of Ted's family things, which by the way happens more than twice a month, this weekend Ted's cousin's wife's uncle's kid is getting christoned or something, bs!). So this means that not only will they be anywhere near me right before my birthday, this also means my mum (yet again) not being able to drop me off or pick me up to or from a social get together. And yes, I'll have to again ask someone else, most likely Jenn, to drive me. I all have found it embarrassing but my mum seems to think it is her right as a parent to leave whenever she wants. Bye mum, I don't care if you are ever there for me, it will only cause serious subconscience mental and emotional problems and imbalances (not that it already has). So I now have to argue and persuade her to stay, not that I should need to. And don't get me wrong, I don't have a horrible family life, but it is a lot of work when my mum always thinks she is right and there is no one but me (the insolent child) to prove her wrong. So I am always beaten even if I defeat her in the arguement.

But I'm just ranting.

It's Easter, but it doesn't really feel like Easter. Chocolate is a novelty that has now worn off, before I would behave really well just to get my hands on some, now it's like, "Jonathan, if you are a good boy, you can have some candy!" "Screw it! I'm going to Party Packager's for soe cheap grub" "No, don't go there, you need me for your tasty pleasures." "Yeah, I still have the money you gave me yesterday, I'll go buy my own junk, I don't need you, lady."

Ah, if only!

Anywho, I want to see Holes and Identity. I don't think I'm doing anything this weekend, I NEED SOCIALIZING! Ahem. Matrix: RL in 28 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My god, the irony. Get it. Hint Sandra Bullock. NVM. Anywho, I'll go. OH, someone post something in KUTS, do something, everyone has a lot of new obsessions, so post some pictures (I don't mean you Lisa, you've been coming along nicely, mwahahahaha, mwahahaha, MWAHAHAHA! Ahem. Anywho, bye.

P.S. There is no spoon...

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Trapped in Teenagehood [30 Mar 2003|02:58pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Two days ago I wrote really good song about how being a teenager is hard, cool lyrics, good melody (though I think I'm forgetting it). I really don't know what to do about a certain situation at school. I don't want to interfere and so far I haven't been, but what is happening (it started out inoccently with one person and has escalated into enorminty bc of another and now it has nothing to do with the original doings) seems to me to not be very polite and the way it is handled seems very rejectful. So I will just sit back and see what will happen.

My heat hasn't been working in my house for the ast day and a half, so as I type this my fingers keep locking up. Last night was a cold one here at the McAuley-Worman household, very cold. I watched Moulin Rouge last night, ah, so intense and powerful, and random, oddly random.

On Friday I had a good wime with Shomb at Superkick's house. They put on a fashion show for us, they all had dresses from V^2 that looked like they were from the 20's. It was wonderful, Predecesor had a costume that looked like Annie, I actually think it is an oversized Halloween costume of Annie, she also ot inja Turtle suspendors, I remember those from my childhood (don't get me started on my childhood). They're very cool. Shomb didn't feel quite confortable but she fit in fine. Wealso watched WD's Robin Hood. All I have to say is, "HOODELOLLY!" I also discovered that the Hampster Dance was taken from there, very neat.

So I will go, I have to go to my Dad's tonight for dinner, we will see what happens this week, ^I can't wait!^

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Someone once said "Life if Unfair", how right they were... [24 Mar 2003|06:40pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I am so upset right now I can hardly write all the things I'm thinking. This should not be called a Journal; in journals you can feel free to express yourself how you may; here it seems like you must be socially correct unless you want to be yelled at by some bitch at school (see what I mean? I actually had no one in mind when I wrote "bitch", so you don't have to assume it's you).

I've tried to be a better person since the honds came after me starting 14 months ago. I think I've tried and have succeeded. But try as I might (and it seems in vane) I can never be what people want me to be. It seems the Consumer is at it again and will stop at nothing to proove my faults. Oh, point up from Consumer (ask Aladdin).

I'm calming down now, I am just confused how even though I have refrained from using derogative phrases as much, how some people seem to be fine and accepted though they do the same thing...to me.

I know that people are entitled to their opinion, but prejudgement stings like hell. All I ask is that people reserve their judgment until they have experienced the matter in question. I have despiritly tried to do just this, and I still say i do (please point out if I do pass premature judgement, I will try to take it back.)

For example, though I never said that all Anime was bad (I just merely looked disinterested) (and if you'll remember I took on an Anime name) I want to let the world know that I want to see Spirited Away (and I have been wanting to see it even before the Oscars).

So I'll spell it out to you DON'T DISS CHICAGO INFRONT OF MY FACE OR ANYWHERE I CAN HEAR ABOUT IT OR SEE IT. I don't just mean you, you know who I mean...yess you...

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Chicago - Set to RULE! [23 Mar 2003|05:38pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Tonight is one of the most important nights of the year in my eyes, OSCAR NIGHT! Because my life revolves around movies (and good ones at that)I focus on this one night like it was sent from Heaven. Plus mum and I have made it our tradition to always have Herbed-Olive Oil Penne with Chicken, something I first tried at East Side Mario's and have taken to it like Joan Rivers takes to face lifts. So every Oscar Night we have that (made by moi). OOOOOH it's so exciting! One of my favourite movies of all time is set to win the big one! AND THE ONLY THING THAT CAN COME BETWEEN IT AND THAT NAKED GOLDEN STATUE IS "THE HOURS"! And if Chicago doesn't win Best Picture there will be hell to pay tomorrow, heads will roll, blood will be shead, and then I'll get to school...(dun, dun, dun!) hehe, scary thoughts. Oh, oh! Then Ted and Mum and I are going to see it this week (this is my forth time, I've only seen a movie in the theatre 4 times, ever [Star Wars Episode I, FOTR and now Chicago] *sigh*). I've got to let my friends experience this event, no not event, specticle, experience of a lifetime, yes, that works. I'm actually listening to the soundtrack right now (Mamma's good to you!)
This has been a really good weekend, I did something that will be left unnamed for now with my Ocaba. Good clean fun. (He had it coming!) (Pop, Six, Squish, Uh uh, Sycero, Lipschitz.)And then we watched Aladdin everyone was singing together to the songs (we were at Superkick's house). Then RoleModel took me home (we listened to Annie Waits, great song).
Then today my cousins were over and we went for a walk. Yaddy, yadda. I read TKM and then I am now writing this. Oh, I wrote another song on the piano, I'm adding words tomorrow. That makes 3 or 4 to show to EE. On Friday I wrote an anti-war song, I think it sends a good message plus it's good and upbeat.
So I think I'll go, go and watch the Oscar's that is. Go Chicago, remember, an upset in the Best Picture category means corpses littering the ground (sweet dreams!)

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B-Machine is god! [01 Mar 2003|09:19pm]
[ mood | amused ]

First to explain my title. Today in Beamsville (sp?) we were bowling with Nancy. (such a great time) Anywho, all of us (me more the some) were getting a lot of gutter balls (^surprise, surprise^) Anywho whenever we got 2 or 3 gutter balls in a row Bowling Machine (B-M) would give us an extra fourth turn, a chance to regain ground, triumph over loss...and I got another gutter ball. Sometimes we would succeed and we would thank B-M profusely but other times we failed and we begged him to forgive us because we waisted another opportunity that he gave us.

God bless him! Lisa took a picture of us hugging him, god I miss his mistakes-I MEAN, INTENTIONAL 2ND CHANCES! *wipes forehead* (firgive me B-Machine for I have sinned.) We had lots of fun with Nancy! Leesa and I made up a new word: gorder. I kinda slurred "go" and "order" into one word at the bowling alley.

On the way back Leesa, Cat, Jenn and I decided we didn't want to go home becuase...well...home sucks! So we didn't go home, we went to our second home...Chapter's! We wondered around a wile, I found a Hippy Dictionary and Jenn read through it for aboot a half an hour! (there were lots of naked women in there!)

Anywho I bought another book in my fantasy series and then we went to Booster Juice, I was facinated by the cool blenders, they were really loud! Anywho, my mission tonight is to stay awake until SNL.

Anywho, more later and god bless B-Machine!

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So...HYPER! [27 Feb 2003|06:10pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Oh boy was I ever hyper! Now the cafein (sp?) is starting to wear off. I am really excited aboot the new dictionary aspect to KUTS entitled "Disfunctionaries". A bonus, the title is in the Family Guy font! Yay, the funniest show on earth!

Anywho I hope people will be excited aboot this and add stuff (not crap stuff, but good stuff like words from inside jokes) and I bet they'll come through just fine.

I also hope people will bring in stuff for Nancy's Box, I'm really happy with the people who have an idea and I like to help when people ask me for ideas. I am also a bit taken a-back with people who don't seem to care aboot Nancy even though they were her friends. It's just a waker-upper. Would they not care aboot us if we were beaten and OUR lives were ruined and, at times, hopeless? Anywho, I don't fret too much aboot that.

Another thing, I am really pleased that the gift that everyone is giving her can be classified under a quality of a good person or things that you need in order to live a meaningful life. It's just my little "organizational" or "creative" venture and I think the box will be maybe just that little bit more special because of it.

Mum's being nicer to me, it goes in phases (I was aboot to spell phases with an "f", boy am I tired...but HYPER...but tired...........but HYP- oh forget it) she is always yelling and mean from Sunday to Tuesday and on Wednesday it settles down and then Ted comes and we eat fully cooked dinners every night (and by fully cooked I mean full dinner which are cooked not half thawed pieces of steak *mumbles something under breath about the readers being sick bastards* *looks around, notices friends staring evilly at him* *realizes he has no inner-monologue* *realizes there shouldn't have been astrixes around last bit of dialogue* *thinks about stopping putting all statements in astrixes* *doesn't want to* *laughs evilly*

Anywho better continue going at KUTS, bye

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My New Picture [24 Feb 2003|05:45pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Thanks to Lisa i have two exciting pictures (I actaully couldn't figure out what is was at first, see if you can) Yeah, pictures!

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I Don't Know What To Think Anymore [23 Feb 2003|04:51pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

I am tired of dealing with certain people. Certain people who are great friends and can often poccess characteristics of a great friend but these characteristics seem to be on a time limit. Certain people who treat others with respect and gratitude for long periods of time but when they've had enough, the focus turns to themselves. Certain people who I appreciate and like dearly but cannot understand reasonings for their actions. Certain people who decide that they are more important then someone else around them who has put themselves out of their way to celebrate a special event and wanted to share this experience with others. Certain people who decide that after a certain amount of time the giving should stop even though others are still giving and are making the special person's event a wonderful one. Certain people who decide that even if they do continue to give in a halfhearted way that they should be given something in return, even though the focus was to give, they needed to receive from the person who was actually receiving. Certain people who would rather do their own thing than doing something for someone else.

In these cases certain people must be set on track and must be told by someone that what they are doing is rude and that all they need to do is to give just a bit more time to that special person.

"Feelings are hurt by lies and deciet, but growing up is a natural path that everyone must come across and eventually follow."

Anywho, I was so depressed after comeing home from the party. I couldn't hold it together, visions of a noose flashed through my mind but it's never like I want to think of the good things in life, no, I want to be depressed and I want to be deep in it. Instead of thinking aboot the good parts of my day which scream and stuggle to the top of my memories hoping to be remembered, I ponder over and over again aboot the bad. I analyze how these instances happened, why they happened, I break them down and down again, I obsess over them, become paranoid over them until I convince myself that everyone in my world hates me and that I am all alone with no one to turn to. At these times my mother tries to comfort me but this is only temporary, she turns ugly when in my depression I push her away.

Oh and yeah, the consumption has begun again...

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Life: Borrrring, TV: Exciting! [18 Feb 2003|05:27pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

Ok, let's get this straight, school sucks, home life is inconsistant but when it sucks...it sucks badly plus it is mostly filled with homework, homework, studying (minimally), oh, and did I mention homework? Not that the homework takes that long or is that much, but it's the thought and the getting down to it that makes it degrating.

Anywho, now for a thought that's more uplifting (and I'm sad to say this but yes, you guessed it) TV! For the last few months (well since school has started and Big Brother ended TV has been ridden of good TV shows. Until now! Ok, now-a-days I have 3, yes count 'em, 3, TV nights as I call them, nights when I NEED to watch TV. On Tuesday I watch the American Idol talent show thingy, on Wednesday I watch the AI voting toll and on Thurday I watch Survivor followed by (the shallowest show on TV) ARE YOU HOT? Hehe, Anywho, apparently I have to get offline now, so I'll blabble on aboot how great TV is later!

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Tired, oh so very tired... [17 Feb 2003|06:07pm]
[ mood | full ]

Well, here I am. Lisa was nagging at me to update...and I mean nagging! Ah, Lisa, me mate! (in British sense) Anywho, bored outta me mind aboot school. I have a good semester but i think I discovered why I HATE it so much. I that reason would be, because I am always so tired, CONSTANTLY tired. I mean, even though most people go to bed at a later time than me I still am the only one yawning in class. RRRH! mum says that when I go in for my 15 1/2 year booster shot she is going to ask the doctor aboot that. Much abliged mumm, much abliged.

So, what's new? Don's party coming up next weekend and he STILL doesn't know what he's doing for the party! Wow, talk aboot your fixer-upper. Apparenty we're having lasagna. Well I guess it's not lasagna anymore, eh Jenn? Apparently it has changed names (unbeknownst to me) to LaSauna. Hmm, interesting.

We're also going to see Nancy the next weekend, I'm tired of planning stuff for her, I love 'er, but it's very frusturating when your planning an event based around getting her to it and letting her enjoy it and then a few days before she phones to cancel. AHH! I was so drained of planning energy that I just aboot broke down when she cancelled out.

Oh well, and so that is aboot all that is happening in my less than eventful life. Yeah, so I guess I'll retire into the darkness that is my soul...

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The Weekend! [07 Feb 2003|11:14pm]
[ mood | drained ]

So the week has finally ended and all were left with are the scars of another five days of school and homework. And they wonder why the suicide rate for teenagers is so high. But, on the bright side, I am going to have fun this weekend! I am also going to be very tired. Tomorrow I plan to sleep in and when I do wake up, I plan to do my limited math homework. After I'll go to Lime Ridge with Jess and Jenn and then we'll go see Chicago (YAY! 3 TIMES!) After that I want to come back home, go on the computer until SNL is on, watch that until I can barely lift my eye lids above the pupil and crash in my comforting bed. Ahh, what a life, what a meaningless, stressfilled, wonderful life!

Anywho, Lisa made me this wonderful account today (OOH, AHH!) so now I can express myself in the best way possible, through words. So yeah, that's aboot it, I guess I'll write some more tomorrow...

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